Audio Playback Mix #3 — Paul Takahashi

So here it is: Insomniac LTD Audio Playback #3. Paul Takahashi's Quarantine Mix.

Born in Los Angeles. Skate, nightlife, fun. Was on it early in the transformation of the L.A. scene into underground warehouse parties and related fashion. Starts his own contemporary menswear alternative in 1996 called Sarcastic, which was a pioneer of the street fashion movement that kicked off in the 90s. The global success of Sarcastic leads to producing his own events beginning in 1997, a flagship store in Harajuku, Japan in 99, and select worldwide distribution of the brand. And all along the way he designs for various brands worldwide, produces more underground events, DJs here, there, and everywhere, keeping it as real as can be, and now doing his cultural thing with us here at Insomniac LTD.

Listen to the mix here:

Where would you say you grew up?
Los Angeles but I'd say mainly the Hollywood area.

In what city were your most memorable times?
Tokyo during the Urahara (back streets of Harajuku) era.

Where are you currently based and what do you like about living there?
I'm currently in Santa Monica. It's low key, nice, still in LA & in the middle of good beaches.

What’s your favorite city to work in (dj)?
Tokyo. There's a good work ethic & people generally pay attention to music.

What are your “must haves” when you travel for work?
Phone charger, headphones, lip balm, sunglasses.

What’s currently on your rider request?
Attentive promoter, or sound engineer. Good flow of beer, adequate monitors.

Do you dance when you go to a party and aren’t DJing?
Absolutely. That's the main reason to go.

Beatles or Rolling Stones?
Not a huge fan of either, but the Beatles seem more progressive. The few Stones songs I’ve heard kinda sound like bad blues songs.

Paradise Garage or The Loft?
From what I hear, Larry Levan was a little more experimental & Mancuso was psychedelic. Hard to say. Maybe a combo of both?

What’s your most memorable club/disco moment?
It was towards the end of David Mancuso playing at the loft parties. Just being at the loft, in NY, David playing the records he broke for the people that were there when he did. 3 generations of loft heads singing all the songs. Super emotional. I lost my shit.

What's your favorite party phrase?
it’s partytime!™

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