Audio Playback Mix #2 — Thomas Bullock

Introducing Insomniac LTD's Audio Playback Mixes. #2 is Wilin' Out with Thomas Bullock.

Thomas' history in as short order as possible: From Cambridge, England. Buys a first record at 9 years old. As a youth embraces disco, punk, hip hop, house and rave. And ecstasy. Joins Tonka Sound System in the late 80s. Moves to San Francisco in 91 and joins the Wicked Sound System. Puts out a psychedelic album under the name Supergroup with Charles Uzzell Edwards. Moves to NYC in 96. Joins a noisy rock band there called A.R.E. Weapons. Kicks off the Rub N Tug parties with Eric Duncan, the Map of Africa rock band with DJ Harvey, a punk project called Bobbie Marie, house music as Mirror Boys for Grayhound Records, re-edits as Ottterman Empire for Whatever We Want Records, and a remix of The Rose by Laughing Lights of Plenty (in collaboration with Eddie Ruscha). Launches STD Records. Brings Mezcal to Europe. Is the force behind Mezcal Circle Club. Charted in 2019 with his Tom of England debut LP Sex Monk Blues. And is now self isolating to the max for 2020, hoping to come out of it blazing with next level meditation skills.

Listen to the mix here:

Where would you say you grew up?
Good one! ‘cos yeah, I was born and lived in Cambridge in the 70’s and 80’s but, grew another level or two in S.F. and N.Y.C in the 90’s and then having kids too.

In what city were your most memorable times?
Probably San Francisco in the day but to be honest I hardly remember it at all. It’s as if it was a life lived by someone I knew well…

Where are you currently based and what do you like about living there?
I’m currently based in Berlin and I like it ‘cos it’s pretty loose.

What’s your favorite city to work in (DJ)?
I don’t know. It used to be Tokyo but Japan’s been under some heavy pressure. I think I would say Seattle. Things have not changed so much there. It’s honest and rocking.

What are your “must haves” when you travel for work?
I don’t know. Traveling just sucks for me these days. A good book helps.

What’s currently on your rider request?

Do you dance when you go to a party and aren’t DJing?
Hell yeah. Just started to do that again recently. Daytime raving here in Berlin.

Beatles or Rolling Stones?
Both kinda suck if you ask me.

Paradise Garage or The Loft?
Ha! Well I’ve only been to one and I liked it.

What’s your most memorable club/disco moment?
Fuck. So many. Too many.

What's your favorite party phrase?
Get bang on one, matey!

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