Audio Playback Mix #5 — Michael Kopelman

Audio Playback #5. Michael Kopelman's Gimme5 Mix.

Michael Kopelman, one of the founding architects of street style and culture as we know it today. Timeline:

Born & raised in London

Was working in the city of London until:
1988 meets Shawn Stussy
1989 Opens Gimme Five showroom for Hysteric Glamour, Stussy, & Judy Blame
1991 DJ’s at the fist International Stussy Tribe event at club Gold Tokyo
1991 Starts GoodEnough UK
1992 Kicks off Very Ape (UK A Bathing Ape)
1995 Opens the Hideout Store
1997 Opens Stussy Store London
1999 Opens Foot Patrol Store (one of the first specialty sneaker stores)
2002 Opens A Bathing Ape (BAPE) store London
2016 Officially re-launches Judy Blame
2016 Kicks off AFFIX
2018 Launches CUTS book. Co-produced by Gimme Five, & DoBeDo
2019 Starts Judy Blame's Available Nowhere

Listen to the mix here:

Where would you say you grew up?

In what city were your most memorable times?
Again, I’d have to say London although I’ve had fun in NYC/LA/TYO/Paris/Milan.

Where are you currently based and what do you like about living there?
I've always been based in London. My family, friends and business are here. I have a great dog and garden in London

What’s your favorite city to work in (DJ)?
Again, I’d have to say London.

What are your “must haves” when you travel for work?
My reading glasses, a good book , my own headphones , duplicate memory stick,

What’s currently on your rider request?,
Equipment list, Mickey the sound man and mineral water

Do you dance when you go to a party and aren’t DJing?
If the lights are low, and the music good, yes

Beatles or Rolling Stones?
The Beatles were a pop group. The RS are a Rhythm & Blues rock group so impossible to compare

Paradise Garage or The Loft?
Hard to compare a small private party to a super club

What’s your most memorable club/disco moment?
I started going to clubs when I was about 14. Countdown, the first one I went to was in the centre of London on a Sunday night in Wells street off Oxford St. The DJ booth was built out like a lunar module. I remember the music was so good. They had a room called the Lunar Room with seating like craters and a games room with pool tables.

What's your favorite party phrase?
“If it moves, funk it!"

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