Audio Playback Mix #7 — Fraser Cooke

Fraser Cooke. Officially, Global Senior Director of Catalyst Marketing Relationships at Nike. Some notable works have been with Undercover Gyakusou, and collaborations with Virgil Abloh and Sacai. Unofficially long time avid record collector, DJ, father, meditator, who's also had a guiding hand in the emerging relevance of street fashion since the late 80s. Currently putting together a project is "Style in Revolt” focusing on a street fashion culture through the decades and which will debut later in the year.

1966 Born in London.
1977 Gets exposed to skateboarding, and around late 70’s is influenced by the Mod/two tone scene which was the first youth cult fashion to shape his stylistic taste along with Skate, and then is totally immersed in the very early 80’s the hip hop movement emanating from NYC to London.
1984 Pursues hairdressing at Vidal Sassoon (and years later at Cuts London).
1989 Works part time at Passenger, a clothing store in Soho while cutting hair and shifts to Black Market records where he made trips to the U.S. to buy sneakers and other American goods, including early emerging brands Pervert, Subware, and SSUR.
This leads to starting Concrete Distribution in a shared office space with Mo Wax Records also working part time at the label.
1994 Meets Michael Kopelman and in 1997 helps him open the Hit & Run, a Gimme Five store in Soho. Eventually gives up the distribution company to work at Hit & Run (later known as the Hideout) with Michael full-time.
2001 Opens the BAPE store in London, and later Foot Patrol, one of the first specialty sneaker stores of its kind.
2003 Showing a group from Nike around London leads to a job offer. He accepts and moves to Portland and then Tokyo in 2005.
2012 Moves to Los Angeles
2014 Moves back to Tokyo. All the while continuing to DJ throughout the years for everything, from fashion events to clubs like Gatecrasher, Golden, Camouflage, Cream, Yellow, Contact, Air, and all of the key Tokyo spots for underground dance music as well as other key spots in Asia and beyond.

Listen to the mix here 


Where would you say you grew up?

London UK for the majority with some very formative years in NYC late 80’s and 90’s too 


In what city were your most memorable times?

For sure some amazing times on London my hometown especially 80’s in the clubs but also incredible memories going to NY and to source if so much I was into for so long. Also let’s not forget Tokyo where I live now. Had so much fun here for the past more than 20 years of spending time here. 


Where are you currently based and what do you like about living there?

I live in Tokyo 

Super efficient amazing food and the best quality of everything plus the people are great. 


What’s your favorite city to work in (dj)?

Anywhere the crowd is receptive and the party goes off. It can happen in many places. I’ve had more fun in Tokyo than most places DJing but last year in Jakarta was pretty amazing too. 


What are your “must haves” when you travel for work?

Noise canceling headphones for the flight and comfy trousers on the flight for sleeping too. A well loaded USB and a few slices of Vinyl 


What’s currently on your rider request?

A good tequila or wine thank you.  


Do you dance when you go to a party and aren’t DJing?

If the DJ is ticking it yes. I used to dance much more but I still like a little shuffle now and again 


Beatles or Rolling Stones?

Hmmm .. tough to say as they both have their merits ..  innovation wise the Beatles attitude Stones 


Paradise Garage or The Loft?

The Loft set the template the Garage expanded upon it. I’ve seen both Larry and  David play and there’s both innovators 


What’s your most memorable club/disco moment?

Too many to mention. There are a myriad of great moments. That’s why I keep going back ... 


What's your favorite party phrase?

Let’s ‘ave it


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