Audio Playback Mix #8 — Ron Morelli

"So Ron Morelli… what i know.. and i didn’t tell him that Im writing this ..
He is from Long Island NY, he’s my age so born in 1976..
Also comes from the 90’s Hardcore and punk scene and was in some bands..
Im not sure when he moved to the city proper..
Dancier stuff came later we were all into CBS cybernetic broadcast system radio, that IF started.
that was i guess around 2000 all disco stuff , 80’s house and electro and whatever freaky record collecting shit etc.
I don’t know exactly when he started at A1 probably around 2008-9
I know it was maybe a year or two before he started LIES, which was 11 years ago.. so 2010
Last year was the 10 year anniversary…
… Cool thing about LIES was it was all his friends music.. and their rough lo-fi shit..
I don’t think he put out anything from anyone he didn’t know until a lot later when the label started getting more attention.
It still maintains that philosophy, rough fucked up stuff made by weirdos.. techno, house, and nosiey freaky shit..
He move to Paris about 7-8 years ago, and is still there..
Not sure what else to say.. cool?" - Douglas Lee

Listen to the mix here


Where would you say you grew up?
Long Island's, South Shore not far from the beach.

In what city were your most memorable times?
Running around Manhattan in the early-mid nineties was pretty magical.
Always plenty of stuff to get into. Was going to alot of shows at that time.
Was killer.

Where are you currently based and what do you like about living there?
I have been living in Paris for awhile now. The city is beautiful and moves
at its own slow pace (some say otherwise), I am a stranger in a strange land here.
It allows me to disconnect to a degree and focus with less distraction

What’s your favorite city to work in (dj)?
Moscow has been very good to me all of these years.
The crowd is extremely open minded and they party hard, but in a respectful way.
No one is falling all over each other and people look out for one another.
Also going to Japan has been sick. But who doesn't say that?
Colombia also has been wild every time, they know their shit.

What are your “must haves” when you travel for work?
A book, charged phone, numerous "talk radio" podcasts.
Probably a good attitude as well, that's hard to come by sometimes.
Clean sweatshirt so you don't totally smell like smoke the next day.

What’s currently on your rider request?
Proper monitoring!!!!!! Space to work.

Do you dance when you go to a party and aren’t DJing?
I don't dance, I kinda hit the back of the room and lurk in the shadows and take it all in.

Beatles or Rolling Stones?
I'll go with the guys who joined cults and became hippies and whatnot.

Paradise Garage or The Loft?
Can't take one over the other, right?
The Loft, from stories, seemed more psychedelic and intimate, where the Garage seemed about the power of the soundsystem and a larger crowd action.

What’s your most memorable club/disco moment?
Had a pretty nice disco moment in 2013 playing on a boat cruise on Paris, Seine river.
It was kind of the culmination of many things happening at a time finally coming to a head.
Was undoubtedly surreal at moments.

What's your favorite party phrase?
"Can you call me a car in 10?"

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