Audio Playback Mix #9 - Paramida

From working at OYE Records store by day, and DJing at Soju Bar at night, to night residencies at Robert Johnson and Panorama Bar, a Radio show on Rinse FM, all while running her record label Love On The Rocks. Tune into an exclusive mix from Berlin’s most hated: Paramida.




Where would you say you grew up?

Everywhere and nowhere.

In what city were your most memorable times?

Berlin of course. 

Where are you currently based and what do you like about living there?

I'm based in Berlin and there are a lot of things I don't like about it such as the weather and German mentality. 

 What’s your favorite city to work in (dj)?

I wouldn't relate to a city, more to specific parties or clubs in certain cities. 

What are your “must haves” when you travel for work?

Hard drive, lip gloss, tampons.

What’s currently on your rider request?

Fruit plate. 

Do you dance when you go to a party and aren’t DJing?

DJs who don't dance suck. 

Beatles or Rolling Stones?

Spice Girls.

Paradise Garage or The Loft?


What’s your most memorable club/disco moment?

When I played Mareh Festival in Brazil, I played an edit of Lambada, which was the highlight of my set. While I was playing it, the speakers behind me set on fire. 

What's your favorite party phrase?


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